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A few of the projects I’ve completed recently.

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Logomaker Site Rewrite/Redesign

Logomaker is an online logo design software app that helps small business owners create their own logos. After four years, the previous design was getting a little old. Making matters worse, it wasn’t mobile-friendly and bounce rates were way too high. The company was looking for a way to increase time on site and, more importantly, software trials. I took a look at everything on the site from a conversion standpoint—copy, design, CTAs—and recommended changes intended to drive customers to try the application. The new site also includes authoritative content like this Beginner’s Guide to Logo Design to help educate customers and establish authority in the market.


Logomaker After


Before:                                                                                                 After:

Oct 2015 Stats Blur

Nov 2015 Stats Blur






After six weeks with the new design, the results are very positive. The new copy and design resulted in a 34% reduction in bounces and a 66% increase in time onsite. Total page views and return visitors are also up. Now we’re getting ready to A/B test new headlines and button copy to drive a bigger increase in software trials and sales.


Pluralsight Visual Guide

Pluralsight is an online tech training company—they’re a fantastic organization with a great product. Seriously, if you want to learn anything tech related, it’s the best $30 you’ll spend. I created this “visual guide” to accompany a new training course they launched this past spring. What’s a visual guide? It’s what you get if an infographic and a white paper have a baby. And this one is quite handsome. It was the most popular offer (measured by clicks and downloads) the company made to its email list in 2015.




EventBoard White Paper

EventBoard makes meeting optimization software and some very cool wall displays. Their customers include Skullcandy, AirBNB, Pinterest and Mozilla. They have a solid email list and would get phenomenal open rates (close to 40%) each time they mailed their list. But customers didn’t click through to their site. The offer was a product demo. They needed a smaller offer that didn’t require the commitment of a sales call. In addition, some customers have questions about the security of their data when using SaaS services like EventBoard. I wrote this white paper to answer both concerns.


Cloud Security


AllSeen Alliance Infographic

The Allseen Alliance directs the development of a cross-platform software framework that allows devices to work together in the “Internet of Things”. Working with the team at RedirectDigital, I conceived, wrote and directed the design of this infographic that the AllSeen Alliance is using to educate potential customers about how the Internet of Things will make a difference in their lives. (Also copy edited much of the web site copy prior to a recent relaunch). Click to embiggen:



Logomaker Infographic

Logomaker was looking for a way to create additional inbound links to their site for SEO. So I researched and wrote this infographic about the neuroscience of brand recognition. The response was phenomenal and resulted in more than 100 new links to their site (many from high-authority sites) as well as more than 2,000 likes and tweets in social media. Click here to see the whole thing (it’s really interesting) and post it to your own blog.


How Your Brain Sees a Logo


Escape the City Blog Content

Escape the City, a London-based company that helps people escape the corporate world and find a great job or start a company of their own, recently published my essay about getting fired. Read the whole thing here.


Escape the City Essay




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