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Telling Your Brand Story—The Book

Want to tell a better brand story?
This book shows you how.


Telling Your Brand Story Book

Rob Marsh wrote the book on brand stories…

Why do some brands resonate with consumers while others are ignored? Why do humans crave stories—even from the products they use? Is there a framework for creating brand stories that captures attention?

This book will show you why a good brand story is critical to the long-term success of any product or service. By examining more than 30 brand stories and what makes them work, readers will glean ideas for finding their own brand stories and learn how to communicate them better.

Full of interesting and compelling stories, Telling Your Brand Story is a guide for marketers, writers, startup founders and anyone else eager to learn how stories impact the way we feel about and interact with the brands we use. You’ll learn:

  • the neurological reasons why humans crave stories
  • 17+ different ideas for finding your brand story
  • a framework for thinking through your brand’s purpose and position to identify a brand story that will resonate with your customers
  • ideas for sharing your story effectively

Telling Your Brand Story is available at Amazon and on Kindle. Get it now and you’ll also receive the audio book version free (details are on the first page of the book).

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