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About Rob Marsh


I write copy that turns prospects into customers.

Landing Pages. Web site copy. eBooks. How-to Guides. Case Studies.

Conversion-oriented content that moves customers through the sales funnel.

And increases your conversions and makes your cash register ring.

Do cash registers still ring?


Some of the results…

I was hired by ConversionXL Agency to rewrite a high-performing sales page for one of their clients. While the previous page was performing well, the new page increased click-throughs by 61% and conversions by more than 11%, resulting in millions in new revenue for the client.

I wrote a direct mail campaign for Wells Fargo that brought in more than $100 million in new investments.

I turned a tired monthly catalog into a beautiful quarterly magazine that nearly doubled sales ($395 million to $650 million) in just four years (after years of zero growth).


Other stuff worth noting…

Telling Your Brand Story BookI’m the author of Telling Your Brand Story, a book that provides a framework for using your brand purpose and brand position to find the stories that will connect with your customers. Click here to learn more about the book.

And every Thursday, I send my subscribers one good idea they can use to grow their businesses. Want me to send you the next one? Click here.


What clients are saying…

Copyhackers Logo“Rob’s writing is smooth and easy-reading—read a line and you’re hooked. But what few know is that Rob’s a master of applying the rules of consumer psychology and persuasion to get the click. When you want sales copy that doesn’t sound like sales copy, hire Rob.”  —Joanna Wiebe, Co-founder of AirStory and Copyhackers


“Rob’s approach to writing copy starts with understanding what the customer believes. His research-based approach is rare among writers and results in copy that gets customers’ attention and makes them want to buy. What’s more, he’s a pleasure to work with. I wholeheartedly recommend his services.”   —Nicholas Pestell, CEO/Director at IVPN


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“Rob is a proven writer with the ability to get excellent, sustained results, his is also willing to do ‘real’ work. He is detail-oriented and knows the power of leading by example in terms of work ethic and commitment.”   —Paul Brockbank, former VP, Hewlett Packard


Jeff Wasden“Rob is a thought leader in every sense of the word… He was always thinking, always stretching. He is one to create constructive tension—to help move people, initiatives, departments, and the company in the right direction.”   —Jeff Wasden, CMO for Hire



If you’re ready for high-quality conversion copy and web content (the kind of stuff that takes serious research and writing chops), we should talk.

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Rob Marsh is Inbound Certified